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Netflix Family

We watch Super Monsters by day and Stranger Things at night. Through the ups and downs and sleepless nights of raising tiny humans, we’re here with you and yours — creating content that entertains, informs, and inspires every step of the way.

Netflix Film

For every level of film obsession, we’re here to help anyone be a cinephile—making the art, craft and technical expertise that goes into great filmmaking accessible for all.

Netflix is a Joke

As Netflix's multiplatform comedy brand, we provide a home for fans of standup, sketch comedy, and anything in between. We're more than just a social distribution channel for Netflix comedy. We're a growing comedy club that celebrates our comedians in all t...


Fantasy and anime and sci-fi, oh my! For fans of all things that bump in the night, fly through the air, punch past the walls, travel across times and get lost in space—we’re here to entertain and knock their hazmat suits off.

See What's Next

Need to know what’s next right now? Sit tight, anticipation junkies. We’ve got you here—with all the news you need to know about Netflix originals from inside Netflix.

Strong Black Lead

Committed to supporting Black creatives, Black talent and the Black audience, we amplify their amazing work—creating sharable and uniquely relatable content that contributes to the culture.


Ready to get inspired? We showcase how amazing it is to work at Netflix with authentic storytelling about Netflix’s culture, innovations, teams, employee experiences and identities.

What to Watch

The answer for entertainment overwhelm, we’re here to help our Netflix members make the big decisions of their days with our guide of ongoing recommendations.

Netflix Podcasts

Netflix Podcasts explore the world of Netflix through audio. We go behind the scenes of series and films, dig deeper with your favorite stars, and explore the most exciting projects on the platform. We also develop in-world content and other supplemental au...

A journalist, a film buff and a meme-making machine walk into a bar.

Part writers room, part editorial roundtable—we approach our social media like nobody else in the business.

Fast Company Feature
A journalist, a film buff and a meme-making machine walk into a bar.

The wrap party is just the beginning

We love entertainment more than Eleven likes Eggos, more than Jerry likes cars and coffee, more than Marie Kondo likes mess, more than the Brits like bakeoffs.  What starts on Netflix— keeps rolling on social. We work directly with creators and talent to dream up engaging ways to sustain interest in their title on social platforms around the world.